Skyhigh Rectangular

There are three sizes in our Skyhigh rectangular trampolines line, a 7ft x 10ft, a 10ft x 14ft and a 10ft x 17ft model. The 7ft x 10ft is great for people with small to medium sized gardens whereas the10ft x 14ft and the 10ft x 17ft models are ideal for people with larger gardens who want the largest bounce mat possible.

Rectangle is the original shape of trampoline. When George Nissen invented the modern trampoline in his garage in Iowa, he did so with a canvas stretched over a rectangular frame. Rectangular trampolines are therefore a shape with a rich history and are used in performance gymnastics at the Olympic games.

This is because rectangular trampolines have four straight sides on the frame which means the springs point in different directions to a round where they all point in the same direction. This means that the springs stretch to different degrees when the user bounces at different places on the mat. Our rectangular trampolines have a smooth and expressive bounce which won’t pull the user into the centre of the mat as round trampolines do where the springs all point in the same direction.

We have created a bounce which is as exciting as possible with this range and this is why there are 68 high performance springs which are 180mm in length in the 7ft x 10ft and  two sections of springs in the 10ft x 17ft. There are 116 210mm springs in the first section which attach to the mat and 28 180mm in the second section, the outer frame, which ensures that regardless of the surface area of the bounce mat the trampoline will have a powerful bounce.

Other safety features include very thick surround pads that prevent the user from coming into contact with the springs or frame. The pads are covered with an all weather PVC that is designed to withstand any manner of weather conditions. Because the covering is UV treated it won’t fade in colour in the sun during the summer months.

The foam padding inside the covering is EPE foam which is sealed to avoid water seeping in when it rains.

Our range includes a 10 year frame manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and a year’s warranty on the bed, pads, and springs and any other parts.

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