Skyhigh Oval

Oval trampolines are a recent innovation. The first range of oval trampolines became available in 2009 and  have been growing in popularity ever since.

Ovals have a bounce which doesn’t pull the user into the centre of the mat. This is because unlike round trampolines the springs all point in different directions. This means depending on where the person is bouncing the springs wills stretch to different lengths which also allows for a smooth reliable bounce.

Oval shaped trampolines are also ideal for gardens that are long with no width. This is because the narrow shape of the oval will fit in perfectly without compromising on the size of the bounce mat the user has to enjoy playtime on.

Our Skyhigh range is designed to combine the performance features of a rectangular trampoline with the garden friendliness of a round trampoline. This means they are as comfortable at home as they are in the gymnastics centre.

We offer our oval range in two sizes: 8ft x 14ft and 10ft x 15ft. They have been designed to ensure that they have the best possible ratio of springs to surface mat area possible as this makes for a quality responsive bounce. The 8ft x 14ft model has 72 high performance springs which are 180mm in length and the 10ft x 15ft model has 74 springs which are 210mm long.

These trampolines are built to have the best safety features possible with 27mm thick pads that offer protection from the user coming into contact with the springs or frame. The pads are made from sealed EPE foam. This means that water won’t seep into the pads and cause mould to grow.

The pads are covered in a thick green PVC. The covering is UV treated so it won’t fade in colour or weaken in the sun. It is also tough and durable enough to withstand weather conditions.

The weight limit of the trampolines will also support children and adults alike with weight limits of 114kg on the smaller model and 146kg on the larger. The frames are made from 44mm thick galvanised steel  to ensure the strongest structure possible.

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