Skyhigh Orbisphere

The Skyhigh Orbisphere is our flagship round trampoline. They are designed and built with a great bounce, quality, safety and durability in mind. There are four sizes available: 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft.

They are packed with a large quantity of 165mm springs. These are longer than frequently used 135mm springs in other brands.

Because there are more of the longer springs per square inch of bounce mat surface area it means there is a better bounce your kids will love!

The enclosure design of the Orbisphere is intended to look terrific and ensure the best level of safety.

It features curved padded enclosure poles which are covered in a green PVC sleeve. This protects the foam and keeps your trampoline looking fantastic whilst it blends into your garden. There is one pole per upright leg section of the trampoline for added security.

The poles join up to a fibreglass top rail which pulls the net tight ensuring the user will stay safely on the mat at all times.

These trampolines are manufactured with 38.1mm thick galvanised steel for a sturdy structure which is tested to support a weight limit of 100kg in the 8ft and 10ft sizes and 120kg in the 12ft and 14fts.

We have a great deal of confidence in these trampolines and offer a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and 1 year on other parts.

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