Skyhigh Xtreme 360

The Skyhigh Xtreme 360 is the highest specification range of round trampolines in the United Kingdom. It is the top of our three Skyhigh round lines which also includes the Skyhigh Basic and Plus.

Xtremes are created with the intention of using the most advanced manufacturing process possible to offer trampolines which are bound to excite.

The Xtreme range comes in two sizes, 12ft and 14ft. The size refers to the diameter of the frame and not the bounce mat so you can measure out the space in your garden and pick the most suitable size.

There are three key specs that make Skyhigh Xtremes special:

  • The 12ft Skyhigh Xtreme comes fitted with 96, 210mm long high performance springs and the 14ft includes 112 of the same length. These springs  generate the kind of bounce that makes the Xtreme the best performing round trampoline.
  • The trampolines also feature very thick protective surround padding which is 35mm thick and 33cm wide. Lesser trampolines simply won’t be able to offer this kind of protection and coverage from the user coming into contact with the springs or frame.
  • The frame is also designed to be as strong as possible with a weld free T-bar system and the user weight limit ranges from 120kg to 140kg. It is also powder coated in black for a sleek modern appearance.

To own an Xtreme is to have the confidence that you own one of the best round trampolines on the market and with regular use the bounce will get you into great shape!

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