There is nothing we strive more for our trampolines to have than quality. We have spent many hours incorporating our own ideas and the suggestions of our customers into the blueprints for the manufacture of our trampolines.

We identified the most important specifications for trampolines and then optimised them in our own products.

More Springs:

Perhaps the key difference between Skyhighs and the other brands available in the UK is the number of springs the trampolines have relative to the cost.

The number and length of springs in a trampoline determine the quality of the bounce. Quite simply the more springs, the better a trampoline will perform.

In our round trampolines range we have three tiers which improve in specifications as you go up to the range: Skyhigh original, Skyhigh Plus and Skyhigh Xtreme. The number of springs that are featured in each of three tiers relative to the cost is likely to be greater than that of the competition.

Thicker Pads:

Trampoline pads attach round the outside of the trampoline and prevent the user from coming into contact with the springs or frame. A consistent theme in our Skyhigh trampolines is that have thick pads which offer effective protection from the user coming into contact with the springs.

They are also coated with weather resistant such as PE in the case of Skyhigh Originals and PVC in the case of all our other ranges. These materials are UV treated so their colour won’t fade when exposed to direct sunlight and high temperature in the summer.

Inside this covering is sealed EPE foam which won’t allow water in so the pads become damp and mouldy.

Effective Safety Enclosures:


We recommended that families with younger children purchase a trampoline with a safety enclosure. This will keep the bouncer safe from accidentally leaving the mat.

All our trampolines come with the option of a safety enclosure and we have taken steps to make sure our enclosures have the most effective design possible.

Thicker and Stronger Frames:

(supporting a higher weight limit)

The thickness of the frame and the way in which it lock into the legs will affect the weight the trampoline can support. This is why it is important to have a thick gauge of steel in the frame and from our entry level trampolines all the way up to our premium lines.

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