Skyhigh is a brand of trampoline and trampoline accessories which places emphasis on three key characteristics: quality, value and longevity.

Skyhigh belongs to Big Game Hunters, a family company with its roots in superb toys and with 15 years experience in this field.

It was in 2002 that the company branched out from its roots in garden games such as Giant Jenga and applied their experience to a new challenge.

The Skyhigh line has been refined and improved each year since then and we have trampolines which will suit many different gardens.

Our products are manufactured by us instead of buying them from a second hand supplier. As a small family company our costs are lower and we can therefore pass these savings onto the customer.

It also means we can build our trampolines to the highest standards: better bounce, more effective safety features and a longer life.

Please browse through our three shapes of trampolines: oval, round and rectangular.

We are confident you will find a trampoline to suit your needs and will be bouncing in no time at all!

If you want to know where you can buy Skyhigh Trampolines, visit our stockists page:

Skyhigh Stockists